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If you own one of Meade's 2080 or 2120 series of LX telescopes (ie: LX / LX2 / LX3 / LX4 / LX5 / LX6 / LX10 / LX50 / LX100 / LX200 / etc) and would be willing to share your serial number and year of manufacture (if known), please contact me at and I will gladly add you to this list! Feel free to send me a pic of your scope as well if you'd like.

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The Meade 2080 LX Registry (Oldest to Newest)

Owner Model Year Serial Description Pic
Doug F. 2080 LX 1980 800575 I just bought this lx 2080 from a local guy who used it twice, but took good care of it. The original owner bought it in 1980.  
François A. 2080 LX 1981? 800898 My dad and I bought mine I was 14, in 1981. S/N 800898! Still in excellent condition. Images are clear and pinpoint like they were in 1981. Only the diagonal got less reflective and was to upgrade.  
Mathias S. 2080 LX 1981? 801046 I recently bought a used 2080 mount with tripod which is obviously an early one.  
Dana G. 2080 LX 1981? 801169 I am in possession of my mother's Meade telescope. The serial number is 801169.  
Mike B. 2080 LX 1981 801171 A very early 2080. Serial number 801171. Yes, THAT early. Manual has a Jan 1981 printing date, and an owner wrote "June 1982" on the cover, I assume that's a purchase date. It might have been the second owner!  
Kris W. 2080 LX 1981? 801196 Recently got a "New to Me" Meade 2080 S/N 801196. Glad to have found your site!  
Unknown 2080 LX 1981? 801334 Found on an astro buy/sell site. Has a 2-bolt collimation! If you bought it, let us know!  
Tim W. 2080 LX 1981? 802248 On 2/23/21 I purchased a Meade telescope from my older brother who bought it during the 80s. I am not sure what model it is but, by researching, I think it is a 2080 LX with serial number 802248. There is a sticker on it that states “High Transmission coating”. It has a very manual tabletop mount that I can’t seem to find a resemblance anywhere on the internet. [EDIT: Agreed! It is an early Meade 2080 LX with a tabletop mount.] Tim's Meade 2080 LX
Dave S. 2080 LX 1982? 802351 On 11-29-20 I purchased a MEADE 2080 LX. The serial number is 802351. The purchase included the telescope, mount with motor drive, and tripod. The seller has lost the eyepieces, cords and other accessories while moving. The mount is missing one know that controls the angle of inclination. This leaves me searching for an instructors manual, cord and that control knob...but I have already urchased one eyepiece and have used the scope for viewing eagles near my home. From your listings it appears to have been manufactured in 1981 or 1892. Dave's Meade 2080 LX
SBAU 2080 LX 1982? 802467 Meade 2080 sn 802467 donated by RonaldW to Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit (SBAU) in 2021. Will be looking to fix slipping, probably Cramer 1/8rpm motor? as we tried to clean sliding RA surfaces but still did not work. Mirror seems very clean. (Sent by TomT, SBAU webmaster) SBAU's Meade 2080 LX
Kyle M. 2080 LX 1983? 803271 I still have the Meade LX that my Dad gave me as a birthday gift in 1983 or 84, I can't remember if I was 13 or 14 at the time. Serial number 803271. Heres a pic of it last August 2020. Motor drive and everything else still function just fine minus some light wear and tear. Lots of deep sky objects have been seen through this over the years. It has always been stored in its original travel trunk until just a few years ago when it was replaced with a new one. Kyle's Meade 2080 LX
Mark S. 2080 LX 1983? 803439 Not sure what year mine is but looking at the registered serials I would assume circa 1983?  
Tom D. 2080 LX 1983 803553 Picked up a Meade 2080 today (fork mounted 8" SCT), AC drive only, with a plate on the base saying "LX Drive System". Original instruction manual is dated January of 1983.  
Chuck R. 2080 LX2 1984? 803730 I have what I believe may be one of the rare LX2 2080s and am happy to add it to your registry. I don't know the year of manufacture. It has a PC-like AC power port, and the larger 8x50mm refractor finderscope with a helical focus mechanism and diagonal. The optics and coatings are nearly perfect, despite its age and extensive use. The wormdrive has provided superb tracking for sharp detail with visible errors for exposures over a minute with proper alignment and no guidescope. The serial number is 803730. I bought it from a photographer who hauled it all across North America to national parks for astrophotography. I plan on deforking the OTA and mounting it on a later model LX computerized GoTo fork mount that I have recently restored. Chucks's Meade 2080 LX2
T. Taylor 2080 LX 1984? 803952 I just bought the 2080 for $150 bucks and thought for the price I could dip my toe in the water before spending 2K or more T. Taylor's Meade 2080 LX
Barry 2080 LX2 1984 804143 I have the rare Meade 2080LX2. I bought it new in May of 1984 used it through late 80's and left the hobby. Rarely I took it out for some things; Shoemaker Levy 9 hitting Jupiter, Hale Bopp, etc.  
Ron D. 2080 LX2 1984 804144 Bought it New April 2, 1984. I've used it off and on right up to the present. It has the Wedge and Tripod and a 50mm finder scope with a Telrad. I sent the optics in to Meade under their lifetime warranty sometime in 1994. It's in great shape and I'm still sharing views with my Grandkids. Ron's Meade 2080 LX2
Val V. 2080 LX 1984 804346 I have a Meade 2080, purchased for me as a gift in 1984 in Perth, Western Australia, and it has a 240V power cable. The serial number is 804346, on a simple flat plate.  
Duane G. 2080 LX2 1984? 804426 Just purchased from man who said he bought it from a friend a few years ago who was the original owner. Purchased new in 1986 [sic].  
dgreenheck 2080 LX 1984? 804791 I recently acquired a old Meade 2080 8" SCT plus mount+motor drive on Craigslist. The previous owner said he used it occasionally when he bought it, but it has been in storage for the last 10-15 years. Manual is dated 1983.  
Jon H. 2080 LX2 1984? 804916 I believe it is a Meade lx2 2080. Serial number 804916. Looks like we have all the accessories as well. Thanks in advance for any help!  
Unknown 2080 LX 1984? 804987 Found on eBay - if you bought it, let us know at!  
George S. 2080 LX3 1985? 805054 My Meade LX3 has all the MCOG lens enhancements available (A) Enhanced Mirror Coating Group (B) High Transmission Coating and is premo conditions and not for sale.  
Galen P. 2080 LX 1985? 805113 I inherited this telescope from my father, took some great photos of the moon last night with an iPhone mount. Galen's Meade 2080 LX
Nancy 2080 LX3 1985 805128 Hi. I have a Meade quartz lx drive telescope. The serial number is 805128. Nancy's Meade 2080 LX3
Dennis T. 2080 LX 1985 805214 I have owned an LX 2080 (8”) since 1985. Serial #: 805214 Nancy's Meade 2080 LX3
Rich G. 2080 LX 1985 805235 My name is Rich and I own this telescope 805235 . What can you tell me about it or where to get info on it? [EDIT: I told Rich it is from 1985 and sent him a link to the user manual.]  
Andrew W. 2080 LX3 1985 805675 Andrew contacted us looking for info on autoguiding his LX3 for astrophotography!  
Scott S. 2080 LX3 1985 805763 Picked up a mint 2080 LX3 as part of a larger lot of scopes. Even has the 1980's vintage audio cassette!!! Scott's Meade 2080 LX3
James L. 2080 LX 1985 805954 I found your site via a web search. Found an old telescope on Facebook and hated to see it get thrown away. Serial number 805954 c. Looks to be the plain LX model. [EDIT: Thank you for saving that LX!] James's Meade 2080 LX
Jeff H. 2080 LX 1985 806079 Recieved this scope: Model 2080 serial number 806079. Everything is working like new and mirrors are wonderful. Jeff's Meade 2080 LX
Paul 2080 LX3 1985 806201 The optics on the 8-inch look great. The electronics on the 8-inch are working fine.  
Dave 2080 LX2 1985 806282 I have a Meade 2080 LX2. I'm the original owner. Purchased on June 25th 1985 in preperation of Comet Halley. Dave's Meade 2080 LX2
Andy N. 2080 LX3 1985 806469 I found your website after acquiring a Meade LX3. It all appears brand new. There is very little appearance of use. The serial number is 806469. There is a label that says "Multi Coated Silver Optics Group." Andy's Meade 2080 LX3
Trent S. 2080 LX3 1985 806584 Rick - Hey there, I'm not entirely sure what i have but its a Meade 8in LX drive system, silver coated optics group. Serial number 806584 any info would be great. Im wanting to make it goto capable, it has a plug in for the drive and no controlers, can i use an auto star 495? Any info is greatly appreciated. [EDIT: this appears to be an LX3 from 1985! Unfortunately it cannot be upgraded for GOTO and the Autostar will not work with it.]  
Harald D. 2080 LX3 1985 807030 I have a Meade 2080 LX3 Teleskop, located in Germany. Date of buy 1985. It has Nr. 807030 and is with non silver opical (high transmission cotting) and still in very good condition.  
Keith 2080 LX3 1985 807061 It appears to be an early 2080 LX3, #807061. I had to have the secondary recoated, and was able to improve the views by centering the secondary and rotating the corrector.  
Mark N. 2080 LX3 1985 807133 My son-in law received it for in exchange for labor. Imack's Meade 2080 LX3
Imack C. 2080 LX3 1985 807135 I just recently purchased a Meade 2080 LX3 from an Auction. Unfortunately, the scope had the secondary mirror with the silvering peeled and have to send it out for coating with Enhanced Aluminum. Also the electronic circuit was defective. I have ordered an small inverter board and hope to get it soon from China. In the future, I am considering to replace the small synchronous motor with a small geared stepper motor and in that way I can control the speed, advance and delay via Arduino microprocessor. No need for the ancient hand control. ! The serial number on that set is 807135. Hope will be a good rig when all is repaired and calibrated! Imack's Meade 2080 LX3
Russ R. 2080 LX3 1985 807721 I have just purchased a Meade 8" scope on an LX3 mount. (2080?) from a guy on Craigslist. The serial number is 807721. Need a power supply and covers for the lens.  
Unknown 2080 LX3 1985? 807768 Found listing on Astromart. If you own this scope, contact me at if you'd like!  
Maurice P. 2080 LX3 1985? 807822 I have the meade LX3 telescope and the serial number is 807822.  
Josh P. 2080 LX3 1985? 808410 We have a Meade 2080 LX3. It was pulled from our club's storage unit and appears to be in good condition. Josh's Meade 2080 LX3
Michael C. 2080 LX3 1986? 809548 I just scored a used telescope from shop and it took me almost a year to find one of this quality and then win the auction.  
Chris S. 2080 LX3 1986? 809605 I just cleaned up my LX 2080 that I got a while back and got the secondary recoated. I just have not taken it out yet. Just mounted it to a tripod dolly to make it easier to tote around. Do you know what LX it is and year based on the serial number for the registry? [EDIT: this appears to be an LX3 from 1986!] Chris' Meade 2080 LX3
John N. 2080 LX3 1986 810581 Just got a LX3 SN 810581 guessing 1986 vintage.  Exterior of the scope and fork looks brand new, but the electronics are not working and it appears to have a replacement tripod.  I think the secondary will need a recoating but everything else appears to be OK.  
Thomas S. 2080 LX3 1986 810653 Meade 2080 LX3 purchased new in 1986 at the Meade parking lot sale in Costa Mesa.  If I remember, it was $1199.  It’s been sitting in the trunk for 25 years and it is in excellent condition, except for the secondary mirror rot. Thomas' Meade 2080 LX3
Bill G. 2080 LX3 1986 810720 In the herd is a 2080 LX3 S/N 810720 silvered optical group purchased new in the summer of 1986 at a Meade parking lot sale in Costa Mesa.  
Dan 2080 LX3 1986 810825 I have an 8" LX3 that I still use today. I've deforked it and have it on a CG-5 mount. I bought it in Nov. 1986. Purchase price was $1700, and I got $650 for my Cave 8" trade in (I had that scope for years, and I traded it in for $50 less that I paid for it). The Cave had great optics and rotating tube rings, but it was a pain to transport.  
Charlie B. 2080 LX3 1986? 811059 I got this 2080 LX3/MCSOG in November 2020. I had to recoat the secondary (of course), and the corrector has some patches of light fogging. Otherwise, it's in essentially new condition. No idea about its original sale date, but the S/N puts it probably around the end of 1986. Charlie's Meade 2080 LX3
Bill S. 2080 LX3 1987 811157 I purchased  new in May 1987. On the back of the secondary mirror was stamped Feb.1987.  
Dave 2080 LX3 1987 811244 a 1987 Meade 8" 2080 LX-3 #811244 purchased from Adorama Dave's Meade 2080 LX6
Unknown 2080 OTA 1987? 811400 Found on astro buy/sell website. Might have been from LX3 or LX5? If you bought it, let us know!  
PrimoDude 2080 LX5 1988 811860 I am second owner. First owner bought it late in 1988.  
Geoff 2080 LX5 1988 812202 Just acquired Meade 8 in serial number 812202. I contacted Meade to try to get info on manufacture date but haven’t heard yet. I’m guessing it’s an LX3, but hoping it’s LX5. Perhaps you know? [EDIT: turned out to be an LX5!] Geoff's Meade 2080 LX5
Etienne L. 2080 LX5 1988 813248 Someone just gave me his old telescope. It's an LX5 serial 813248. It's a bit dusty but seems to be in great shape, it came to me with some occulars, Barlow, finder scope. Etienne's Meade 2080 LX5
Perry P. 2080 MTS 1988 813493 Purchased at garage sale. Came with the MTS pier-style mount, LX Drive, and Multi coated optics. (UPDATE: Perry bought the scope from Steve L.!)  
Dan D. 2080 LX5 1988 813589 I purchased in 2017 this well maintained, solid Meade 8" LX5 /2080. Included was the stock dew-shield, hand controller, tripod with wedge, a 2" diagonal, adequate assortment of Meade 1.25" eyepieces, manual, scope and eyepiece case. Once this scope is polar aligned, it becomes a dependable workhorse. I am the 3rd owner. Dan's Meade 2080 LX5
Bob F. 2080 LX5 1988 814083 n/a  
Eric 2080 LX5? 1988 814277 Purchased at a yard sale for an amazing price.  
Lisa L. 2080 LX5 1988 814323 While I took possession of it in 1989, I purchased it in 1988 and put it on lay-away. I was a poor astrophysics major and $1900 was an extremely large amount of money back then.  
Mark B. 2080 LX5 1988 814750 Purchased in the 80's from OPT! In great shape!  
Mark S. 2080 LX5 1988 815194 Third hand, at least. Good condition. Prior owner traded for a television years ago.  
Henry L. 2080 LX3 1988 815611 We've had one Meade 2080 for about 15 years, it being owned by our Royal Astronomical Society of Canada but used at the Cronyn Observatory. Henry's Meade 2080 LX3
Unknown 2080 LX6 1989 815794 For sale on CN. f/6.3. If you own this scope, contact me at if you'd like!  
Steve A. 2080 LX6 1989 816130 All original packaging, original manuals / charts / books, eyepieces, filters, imaging adapters, barlow lens, and many others I won't mention. Steve's Meade 2080 LX6
Manuel C. 2080 LX6 1989 816267 I recently bought a Meade 2080 LX6 Serial #816267, and am sending pics of my setup. Do you know anybody that works on the CAT module? I know it is super old tech but I hope there is someone out there that can help. [EDIT: I sent Manuel a link to the CAT manual, and directed him to the LX5 LX6 Groups.IO email group.] Manuel's Meade 2080 LX6
Unknown 2080 LX? 1989 816399 Found on Meade Forums. If you own this scope, contact me at if you'd like!  
Bill S. 2080 LX6 1989 816697 I purchased a LX-6 drive base second hand off ebay. I have no idea when it was made.  
Lowell B. 2080 LX6 1989 816900 I just recently inherited this barely used Meade 2080 LX6, serial 816900.  
Henry L. 2080 LX 1989 816930 This telescope was donated to Cronyn Observatory by the estate of Biology Professor Jane Bowles of Western University. Henry's Meade 2080 LX
Sharon L. 2080 LX 1989 817063 My dad bought this for my mom back in the day. He took delivery from the original Meade factory located in Costa Mesa, only a few miles from where we lived. It’s being used today for deep sky imaging. The original price, including equatorial wedge, upgraded finder scope, and heavy-duty tripod was $1200.  
Darren T. 2080 LX6 1989 817411 My fiance bought it for me as a wedding present and has been well used in its life. The scope has been a workhorse in all types of climate conditions and temperatures here in Canada. Darren's Meade 2080 LX6
Will 2080 LX5 1989 817544 Stock. Will's Meade 2080 LX5
Doug P. 2080 LX5 1989 817566 I bought it from the original owner and have had it for about 7 years. I have replaced the control panel and the motors for focus and dec. It runs like a dream and holds it's own at any star party. Doug's Meade 2080 LX5
Brad B. 2080 LX5 1989 817776 I just acquired a Meade 2080 LX5 from a guy who had it for 7 years. Previously it was owned by a Doctor who only used it occasionally. The serial# is 817776 and I guess the date is 1989 based on the manuals (original included). Its seems to be all working!  
Chuck L. 2080 LX5 1989 817790 I have a complete working LX5 with the 2080 optics. Purchased in 1991 from the original owner who had the scope 2-3 years. The main manual...and supplemental documents are dated 1989 and 1988 respectively. Serial number is 817790.  
Tom G. 2080 LX5 1989 817835 Bought this from Broashurst, Clarkson & Fuller in London, UK in 1989, in memory of my dear Grandma. I am still using it 30 years on! Tom's Meade 2080 LX5
William R. 2080 LX6 Premier 1990 817983 Meade 2080 Premier Model 70 f/10 with LX6 drive, serial 817983, manufactured ~1990, original purchase Nov 1990 by previous owner. With 9x60 polar viewfinder and CAT.  
Josh S. 2080 LX 1990 818147 My name is Josh Stapleton and the telescope in the pictures is one I inherited from my father when he passed. My kids and I are interested to get it up and running but I'm not sure where to begin. It looks like I'm missing a control panel as well. If this model is familiar to you I'd appreciate any insights. Thanks for the help! [EDIT: Turns out to be a 1990 2080 LX - Rick] Josh's Meade 2080 LX
Tim B. 2080 LX5 1990? 818879 I have an eight inch Meade 2080 LX5 f/6.3 wide-field , not sure of the year made. Serial #818879.  
Robi 2080 LX5 1990? 818880 I have a Meade 8" f/6.3 serial number 818880. I bought it at a thift store 2 years ago. I notice you have a listing for 818879 that appears to be just like mine. Mine has the CAT encoder system but I dont have the hand controller or power supply. The base looks like an LX5 with just the one DIN connector.  
Rick T. 2080 LX6 Premier 1990? 818924 My primary scope. Includes hand controller, RA and Dec motors. Works perfectly! Rick's Meade 2080 LX6
Mike G. 2080 LX6 Premier 1990? 819008 Purchased but unknown to what it is. Serial #819008 8" inch SCT. Believe it is a LX5 not an LX6 because it's an f10
[NOTE: based on serial number and other details about the controller, I believe this is an LX6 Premier just like mine! -Rick]
Gary T. 2080 LX5 f/6.3 1991 819264 I have a LX5 fork base with a 2080 f/6.3. optical system with a 6X30 finder scope and the 1.25 diagonal and eyepieces. S/N 819264. 30 years and counting. [EDIT: The scope legitimately appears to be an f/6.3 LX5 - likely a newer f/6.3 OTA mated to an older LX5. But it did come this way brand new from the dealer - interesting!] Gary's Meade 2080 LX5 f/6.3
Alan O. 2080 LX5 1991 819383 I have a Meade 2080 LX5, Serial # 819383 which I purchased from Focus Camera in February of 1992. I assume it was manufactured in 1991, but may have been in Focus Cameras stock for a longer period of time. Feel free to add me to the registry. The picture is of the Lunar Eclipse - Nov 8, 2003 - My twin boys, 3 years old at the time. Alan's Meade 2080 LX5
Jean-Luc L. 2080 LX6 Premier 1991 819439 Here are the pics of my new Meade SC 2080 lx6 Scope was bought in Belgium in 1989, and upgraded to lx6 in April 1991. Jean-Luc's Meade 2080 LX6
Peter D. 2080 LX6 Premier 1991 819826 Bought new in 1991 and have had the scope ever since, although it wasn’t used much in the 2000s. The quartz drive microprocessor electronics in the mount have failed (continuous beep on startup and nothing else), so I’m searching for a replacement controller board. If necessary, I will defork for another mount as the F6.3 optics perform well and are still in great shape.  
Tom G. 2080 LX6 Permier 1991 820249 I was given this drive base and forks which has 'Smart Drive' technology and PPEC. Looking forward to tidying this up and seeing what difference this makes to my guiding accuracy.  
Jason L. 2080 LX? 1991 820727 I recently purchased a Meade 2080 on Craigslist.  
Francesco M. 2080 LX6 Premier 1991 820791 My telescope is a Model 2080/LX6, 8", it is in perfect condition. I bought it in 1990, however, I do not know its year of manufacture. [EDIT: It appears to be an LX6 Premier from 1991!]  
Dennis A. 2080 LX6 Premier 1991 820903 Still works perfectly. Only upkeep is to clean all digital circle plug contacts every couple of years with Radio Shack Gold contact cleaner. Dennis' Meade 2080 LX6
Rick T. 2080 LX 1991? 821221 Bought 2nd hand through Kijiji. Manual dated 1994 but serial seems to be more around 1991. Rick's Meade 2080 LX
Walter W. 2080 LX 1991? 821294 There are no markings on the scope other than the serial number of "821294" on a Meade tag. The unit has a right ascension drive that runs off 120 Volts AC.  
Jean R. 2080 LX 1991? 822517 Bought second/third(?) hand three years ago, apparently very little used. No comments about it, it was in perfect condition. Re-equipped with new accessories, a real pleasure to use it! See the picture, such as ready for observation. Jean's Meade 2080
fungus57 2080 LX 1992 822572 This is a really nice Meade 2080 8" Schmidt Cassegrain, recently brought out of storage and barely ever used. The QA sticker says December 1992 and it has the Multicoated optics which look to be in great condition. fungus57's Meade 2080 LX
Steven K. 2080 LX ? 823073 I have just purchased one in near mint condition- coatings are intact, perfect, no degradation.  
Brian B. 2080 LX 1992 823389 I purchased a 2080 LX yesterday with serial number 823389. I purchased it from a private school. I do not know the year it was manufactured. Looking at the registry, it appears it would fall into 1992? It's in decent shape. Optics are very clean, surprisingly so. It does not look like they have been "cleaned." Secondary mirror is in excellent condition. It does need to be collimated. The tripod chrome is in excellent condition. Brians's Meade 2080 LX
Ed S. 2080 LX 1993 824073 Purchased new in December 1993. The scope is a basic AC driven 2080, probably the LX2 model, however there is no “LX” marking on the telescope and I no longer have the box or invoice to be sure. It came with an 8x50 finder, MA25 eyepiece and equatorial wedge. I purchased a Meade UWA and two SWA eyepieces at the same time, and added a telrad finder later. The telescope was used often for about 15 years until a new, larger scope was acquired. It is still used occasionally as a “grab and go” telescope. It is light enough that it can be carried into the yard on it’s tripod. Assuming the equatorial wedge is properly set, all that is necessary is to point the forks north, plug it in and turn it on.  
Dr. Adrian J. 2080 LX10 ? 830337 I don't know how many people owned the telescope before least 2. Good luck with your endeavour!  
AL S. 2080 LX10 ? 833579 I just wanted to add my LX10 to your list. Mine was in bad condition when I found it. I immediately deforked it due to severe rust and water damage. I believe it survived the Brisbane floods in 2010. I was told that it was completely submerged in a garage in dirty river water for 6 days. Amazingly the OTA, corrector and mirror were fine. I repainted it and added a new finder and a Telrad. I really enjoy it's views. I am grateful for it introducing me to my hobby or the repair and restoration of telescopes and mounts. Al's Meade 2080 LX10
Elton W. 2080 LX10 ? 836388 I am the current custodian of an LX10 Meade SCT Serial # 836388. It's on a HEQ5 Pro Mount alt/az tripod mount.  
Ersen K. 2080 LX10 ? 838990 Hello this is my oldy but goldy lx10, but i dont know the date of manufacture Ersen's Meade LX-10
rugby 2080 LX10 2000? 843310 Recently bought a Meade LX 10 sct. It's in very good shape and the optics seem pretty sharp. rugby's Meade LX-10
AJ 2080 LX10 2003? 849367 I bought my LX10 from Astronomics in late 2003 and its serial number is 849367.  I don't know if it was manufactured that year, or earlier.  It possibly could have been in stock for a while before being sold.  

The Meade 2120 LX Registry (Oldest to Newest)

Owner Model Year Serial Description Pic
Don S. 2120 LX 1984 100693 I just found a LX 2120 at a resale shop in Door County WI. This appears to be an very early LX. The mirrors appear OK. I bought it from the original owner who had owned it since new, having bought it from the Johannesburg Planetarium. Don's Meade 2120 LX
Peter L. 2120 LX 1984 100870 I bought it from the original owner, who lives in the city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, who had owned it since new, having bought it from the Johannesburg Planetarium. Peters's Meade LX
Sleestax (CN) 2120 LX 1984 100915 It's a Meade System 2000 #2120 that was shipped from Orion (the company) in early Dec 1984, serial #100915. The base has a small aluminum plaque that says "LX Drive System." I have the original invoice, which apparently held up better than the secondary! Has the regular wedge with deluxe latitude adjuster, the field tripod, original 2" diagonal, beer-can-sized (!) 2-inch "research grade" 32mm Erfle, setting-circle illumination, dew shield, high-transmission coatings, counterweights, accessory case, and assorted original eyepieces.  
Preston M. 2120 LX3 1984 101529 I am the second owner of this scope, the original owner told be he bought the scope in 1984. The secondary has been recoated and the primary mirror is as good as new, the scope's internal primary mirror focuser has been rebuilt to stop mirror flop. The scope'e internal LX quarts drive still works great and there have been many long hours put on the drive system. It was originally used as a portable scope for an observatory outside of Atlanta, GA. It has now found new life at Mt. Rest Observatory in SC and in my back yard. For a 35 year old scope that has seen every type of abuse two active astronomers can deal out this scope continues to perform at the highest level.  
Andy M. 2120 LX 1984 101720 I have owned from new a 2120LX serial number 101720. Bought in the UK in 1984 and shipped to Canada 5 years ago where I now live. It came on a German EQ with single drive motor and is in excellent condition.  
Terrence B. 2120 LX3 1985 101871 LX3 2120 s/n 101871 with silver coated optics; purchased second hand in 1988. Terrence's Meade LX3
Mario S. 2120 LX5 1985 101957 My Meade telescope is a LX5 2120, 10 inches, f/10, FL:2500mm, Serial number #101957, made in 1985  
Aaron G. 2120 LX5 1985 102099  
Jan 2120 LX3 1985 102106 Rick, what a great idea to create a registry! Please include my Meade LX3 2120 serial number 102106. Manufactured in 1985. I am the original owner if this scope. For people who aren't sure of their manufactured dates if they have the original manual they can to look at the bottom corner of the back cover. Mine has the date 5/85 and matches the the 1985 date on some of the packing material. Mine was purchased in December 1985. So it might be the way to tell the year. I've attached 2 pics so you can see these dates. Hope this is helpful. [EDIT: Thank you Jan!] Jan's Meade 2120 LX3
Neville Y. 2120 LX5 1987? 102204 I bought this 2080 [NOTE: I believe this is a 2120 based on the serial number.] LX5 in 2017. The optics are good but before long the gearbox lost a few teeth. A major rebuild of the drive train was require, but I now have a good instrument. I used it in Sep 2018 to observe/record an exoplanet transit!  
Brian G. 2120 LX3 1987 102220 I bought my 10” 2120LX3 on 12-18-1987 from Ad-Lib Astronomics, serial number is 102220. I still have the original receipt. Unfortunately, the motor drive quit working and I deforked the OTA. I’m currently waiting to get it remounted.  
Donnie S. 2120 LX3 1987 102240 I recently purchased this from our local University. Donnie's Meade LX3
Alan B. 2120 LX5 1987 102384 Just picked up a Meade 2120 LX-5 SCT OTA with Quartz Pulse Drive, serial # 102384, but do not know the manufacture date. Needs a replacement dec motor.  
Walt H. 2120 LX5 1987 102907 I wanted a larger scope for photography and picked up a used 10" Meade. It says Meade Quartz and LX Pulse drive on it. The AC/DC converter that came with it says for 2080/LX5 AND 2120/LX5.  
Donald 2120 LX5 1987 102913 Meade Telescope Model No. 2120 Serial No. 102913 I inherited the above telescope. I would like any available information regarding this model.  
Woody 2120 LX5 1987 102927 This LX-5 2120 10" telescope looks to be in solid shape. Woody's Meade 2120 LX5
Wayne S. 2120 LX5 1987 103032 I just imported my Meade LX5 2120 from Austin, Tx. It is a recent acquisition, but seems to be well documented and cared for. It is a 10 inch f/10 F=2500 mm (100") D=254 mm(10") Purchased new from Meade in Costa Mesa CA in 1988 for $1800USD.  
Steve M. 2120 LX3 1987 103325 Meade 2120 LX3 10 inch MCOG with Equatorial Mount and Field tripod. Bought with Declination motor and Piggy-back mount. Steves's Meade 2120 LX3
Stephen S. 2120 LX5 1988 103394 My 2120 LX5 was bought in 1988. the S/N is 103394. I just inherited it and am trying to get it working.  
Gary L. 2120 LX5 1988 103450 Bought it, along with another scope from a daughter of the late owner.  
Kelvin T. 2120 LX5 1988 103824 I am a proud owner of a well maintained Meade LX5 2120 classic scope. It is being kept in excellent condition.  
Wendy G. 2120 LX5 1988 103848 I bought my what is now I believe to be a LX5 2120 serial #103848 in and around 1989, from Oceanside Photo and Telescope, it had been previously owned.  
Paul 2120 LX 1988? 104106    
Albert 2120 LX5? 1988? 104223 Can anyone tell me which model Meade 2120 by serial #104233? I know Meade made many model 2120's. I hope someone know's. Thanks.  
Mike K. 2120 LX6 1988 104921 For the last month I have been trying to determine the model of an old 10" Meade telescope I purchased, online from a previous owner, many years ago. After hours of meandering thru the internet forest I finally determined it was a Meade LX6. During my search I came upon a reference to your web site. I was interested to note that the serial no. of my LX6 (104921) was a little lower than any other LX6 listed in your data base. If possible, I would like to add this serial no. to your list. [EDIT: Absolutely!]  
John R. 2120 LX6 1988 104924 I have a 2120 LX6 that I purchased new on 27 October 1988, when they first came out. It is S/N 104924.  
Josh P. 2120 LX5 1988? 104953 I’ve just purchased my first telescope it’s a Meade 2120 LX5 I believe. Going off the books and paperwork, with a serial number of 104953. Steves's Meade 2120 LX3
Charlie S. 2120 LX6 1988? 105066 I have just acquired a LX6 10" f/6.3.  
David 2120 LX6 f/6.3 1988? 105381 I have a Meade 10” F/6.3 OTA. I removed it from the dead mount and put it on a CGEM. I have no clue what model it is but here is the serial number. [EDIT: It looks like an LX6] David's Meade 2120 LX6
Ken C. 2120 LX6 1988? 105434 Hi Rick, here are my Meade SCT scopes to add to your Meade registry. Thank you in advance, Ken  
Carlo G. 2120 LX5 1988? 105464 Hi, I have bought an LX5 2120, serial 105464 can you help me to know the year? [REPLY: Based on the serial number it was likely made in 1988.]  
Jim R. 2120 LX5 1988? 106384 I have an LX5 2120. Don't know the year. Serial Number 106384. F/10, D=254mm, F=2500mm. Jim's Meade 2120 LX5
Rick C. 2120 LX6 1989? 106709 I have an 10 inch F/6.3 2120 LX6 that I purchased when they first came out. It is NOT the Premier model and doesn't have the digital read out in the handset. My manual is copyrighted 1989, and that was about when I bought it.  
Ken H. 2120 LX6 1989? 106859 Hello, I came across your LX registry in a couple places tonight while trying to figure out which version I have. The serial number on the mount is 106859, I'm trying to find out which version I've got. I just pulled the tube and fork out of storage to check, the accessories are in a different storage room that I will have to get into later, and if I remember right, I've got one of the NGC control units (or one version of it, I think I remember them being marketed by a few different companies at the time) in with the accessories. Is there a way to tell if this is LX5, 6, or whatever, by looking at the mount? I'll attach a couple quick pics. Thank you for your time and assistance, Ken
[EDIT: Based on the photos and serial, I'd say LX6!]
Kens's Meade 2120 LX6
Rick C. 2120 LX6 1990 107115 Replacement for LX6 mount mentioned above (106709).  
Craig W. 2120 LX6 1990? 107600 I have an LX6 2120. Don't know the year. The Manual that came with it is copy righted 1990. Serial Number 107600. F/10, D=254mm, F=2500mm. It came with a 8X50 Polar View Finder.  
Enrico T. 2120 LX6 Premier 1991 107740    
Steve H. 2120 LX6 Premier 1991 107892 Purchased a 2120 F/10 LX6 Meade Premier on 6/11/1991 serial # 107892  
Roy K. 2120 LX6 Premier 1991 108094 Original OTA is from an LX5 but is now on an LX6 Premier mount.  
Chris S. 2120 LX6 Premier 1991 108779 I recently acquired this scope from a gentleman who lived south of Orange Park, FL. He said he only owned it for a few months. He said he purchased it at an estate sale on Sarasota, FL.  

The Meade LX50 / LX100 / LX200 Registry (Oldest to Newest)

Owner Model Year Serial Description Pic
Harry B. 8" LX200 Classic 1992 822535 Serial number 822535, and 06/92 on the keypad PCB. I only have a photocopied user manual. I bought the telescope 3rd hand at the end of 2012 in London UK, when it would have been around 20 years old.  
Michael M. 8" LX200 Classic 1993 823221 Very good optics on the ronchi star test, second owner, included #1206 Electronic Focuser. 06/93 indicated on hand controller PCB, 1993 on printed Operating Manual. Michael's Meade LX200 Classic
Vince T. 8" LX200 199? 834942 Please add my Meade 8” LX200, serial #834059, ca. 199x, to the registry. Purchased October 2020. I’m the third owner. Thank you.  
Ken C. 8" LX50 19?? 834942 Hi Rick, here are my Meade SCT scopes to add to your Meade registry. Thank you in advance, Ken  
Erico T. 8" LX200 199? 835049    
Joel H. 10" LX200 19?? 111455 Reciently purchased and I need a power cord. I am also interested in any upgrades to enhance viewing.  
Fred 10" LX200 1992 112051 I have an LX200 with a serial number of 112051 and a controller PCB date of 6/92.  
CrispyinAlbany 12" LX200 199? 114028 I have just bought an old Meade LX200 12 inch in very good condition, which originally came from an observatory just north of Perth W.A. From looking at the trail of the contributions, I reckon that mine is probably late 1990's. I attach a picture of it and the two numbers that I have for it are - 114028 & 113022. Reciently purchased and I need a power cord. I am also interested in any upgrades to enhance viewing. CrispyinAlbany's Meade LX200
Lewis X. 10" LX200 EMC 1995 114799 My scope, a 10" LX200 EMC (serial #114799) was originally purchased from Astro Mekanik, a store in Denmark. The original owner sold it, around 2005, to a businessman who lives north of Montreal, Canada, and I bought it from him on Aug. 5, 2021. It came with an instruction manual, copyright 1995 (Ver. 0195-1), and a keypad, marked Revision 3.20. The scope runs on 18v and the software is Ver. 3.34. Based on all the evidence, I'd say the year of manufacture was 1995. It's a pristine gem that's barely been used... a situation I plan to remedy. Lewis' Meade LX200 EMC
Gerry C. 10" LX50 1996 116816 Accessories: Standard wedge, standard field tripod, carry case. Gerry's Meade LX50
Boris S. 10" LX50 1998? 118641 Over the holidays I got a 10" Meade LX-50, but I don't know the age. I've used it some already, and the optics look pretty good for an SCT (though it needed collimation, which I provided). Boris' Meade LX50
Barry S. 10" LX200 1998? 118771 The 10" Meade LX200 EMC dates from approximately 1998/99 and it's serial number plate is located by the electronics on the fork base.  Serial # is 118771.  This tube assembly also has white decal lettering on the tube (but no serial # there).  
Jesús Piñeiro V. 10" LX200 f/6.3 1998 119524 This scope was purchased in 1999 (OTA only) and was mounted on a homemade mount with 7.5" Byers AR Drive (originally with AC Synchonous motor) and JMI Mototrak V control unit. Since 2016, the control unit was upgraded to GOTO by adapting a Skywatcher EQ-6 motherboard with stepper motors and hand control (Skaywatcher Upgrade kit). The scope is still in use and its optics remain in optimal conditions. [EDIT: Jesús let me know he found a date on his OTA - 1998!] Jesús' Meade LX200
Barry S. 12" OTA (LX200) 2000? 121849 The second scope is a 12" purchased as a tube assembly only.  It looks like a scaled up version of the 10".  It has no decal lettering on the tube, but it does have a serial # plate by the grab handle on the outside of the mirror cell.  The number is: 121849.  Having the serial number plate here makes me think that it was purchased as a tube assembly only.  I believe it was purchased sometime between 1999 and 2001.  The grab handle and focusing knob are identical to what is on the 10"  
OldManTaco70 12" LX200 EMC 2001 122297 Printed circuit boards are dated 1996. User Manual is copyrighted 1996. No label on Dec motor, but the label on RA motor (some say it is the build date for the scope) is "04.19.01 HT". So, was it born on/about April 19, 2001?  
Harry G. 12" LX200 EMC 200? 123725 LX200 EMC 12" electronic focuser. Serial 123725. Maybe 200? Harry's Meade LX200
Eric C. 10" LX200 EMC 200? 124978 I just purchased a 10” LX200 serial 124978 that appears to be in pristine shape. It even had the lock/transport screw still in place on the focuser to lock down the primary. The scope has the upgraded “Classic Telescope / Control System Upgrade” controller on the fork mount. I would LOVE to get any documentation on this upgrade. Note: I sent Eric some info regarding GMD & Associates who make the upgrade in question. Eric's Meade LX200
Tank 12" LX200 EMC 200? 127395    
Terrence B. 10" f/10 LX200 2000? 128174 LX200 EMC 10inch f/10 s/n 128174; purchased new in the early 2000s...don't remember exactly when. I have the super wedge with the LX200; however, the photo shows alt-az mode...easier for me to setup for short duration testing. Terrence's Meade LX200
Jan S. 16" LX200 EMC 199? 160724 I have a Meade 16" LX200 EMC with s/n 160724, any idea what year it was made? [EDIT: my best guess is late 1990's - Rick]  
Pat R. 14" LX200 GPS 2004 099189 My 14" LX200GPS was made in 2004. The serial number is 099189.  

The Meade RCX400 Registry (Oldest to Newest)

Owner Model Year Serial Description Pic
Gary M. 10" RCX400 ? 098684 I found your Meade LX Registry and was wondering if you would want to add RCX400 scopes to the list? I'm kind of on a quest to figure out how many RCX400 scopes were made and if their serial number would offer any clues. [EDIT: Of course!]  
Gary M. 10" RCX400 ? 098799 This is Gary's second RCX400.  
Gary M. 10" RCX400 ? 102197 This is Gary's third RCX400.  

Other Meade LX Telescopes (Oldest to Newest)

Owner Model Year Serial Description Pic
Ellie S. 4" 2045 LX 1984 426083 I purchased my telescope in July 1984 new from a camera store that is long gone now. The serial number is 426083. Your registry indicates all serial numbers start with an 8 so I am confused. Meade told me it is 2080 LX series. They sent me that manual. If you can clarify I would greatly appreciate it. [EDIT: It's a Meade 2045! A 4" SCT and the 2080's little brother. I sent Ellie a link to the 2045 manual.]  
Ursula 8" LX90 ? 001692 I recently purchased a Meade LX 90 with serial number 001692  
Barry S. 6" LX80 ? 81258 I have a relatively new 6", which was sold as a separate tube assembly but likely came from a total package.  It's serial # sticker says LX80, and the serial # is 81258  

Other Interesting Telescopes (Oldest to Newest)

Owner Model Year Serial Description Pic
Michelle S. 90mm 97ER ? 811554 My Dad's old telescope: a Meade 90mm Maksutov f/11 model 97ER with enhanced coatings and rubber armored exterior. USA made. Complete with 20x5 Japan finderscope, sturdy metal case, 25mm MA eyepiece, erect- image diagonal .965 and caps for both ends. Michelle's Meade 97ER
Brea 90mm 97D ? 911181 I currently have a Meade telescope with serial number 911181, unsure of model number, other specs etc. [EDIT: Looks like it might be a Meade 97D from around 1985?] Brea's Meade 97D

Meade LX Manuals

Other Meade Manuals

Meade LX Spotter's Guide

Don't know the difference between an LX3 or an LX200? Perhaps you just bought a scope used and the owner wasn't sure what it was? You can use this handy guide to help identify Meade's LX3, LX5, LX6, Premier, LX10, LX50, LX100 and LX200 telescopes. The information for this guide has been gleaned from the Internet, so it may contain inaccurate information. If you spot an error, please let me know ( and I'll make the necessary corrections.

Original 2080, 2120 and Meade LX (1980 - 1996)

In late 1980, Meade introduced the 2080 - an 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope designed to compete with Celestron's C8 telescope. The fork-mounted drive system included a worm gear which was an improvement over Celestron's spur gear design. The original 2080 drive base (and the 2120 which was introduced in mid-1982) was upgraded with Long eXposure accuracy of improved drive gears in the LX Drive Base in the fall of 1983. All the units look very similar and are easily identified by a flat panel base with no switches or sockets - just a serial number plate. It is driven by a 120V computer-style plug located underneath the drive base.

Meade LX Drive Base
Meade LX Drive Base

Meade LX2 (1984 - ?)

In early 1984, Meade released a new package called the LX2 that included the LX drive system plus upgraded eyepieces and a better finderscope. It is unsure if the actual drive system was improved/more accurate than the original LX system. The appearance is apparently the same as the LX with a flat front panel with just a serial plate - but I have never seen one. Please contact me at if you have some more details regarding this model (including photos!).

Meade LX3 (1985 - ?)

The LX3 was introduced at the beginning of 1985 and these are much easier to differentiate from the base LX. It has a DIN-style socket for the hand controller, as well as a reticle adjustment knob and a few other switches and sockets. It is now either powered by 12V DC or 120V AC and is driven by a quartz-crystal drive for improved accuracy. It would appear the LX and LX2 were produced along side the LX3. The LX3 was available with either the 2080 or 2120 OTAs.

Meade LX3 Drive Base
Meade LX3 Drive Base

Meade LX3 Hand Controller
Meade LX3 Hand Controller

Meade LX4 (1986?)

Apparently in 1986, Meade thought about releasing an LX4 model, but decided not to. According to Company Seven's Meade history page: "We observed the announcement of the Meade LX4 telescopes in the late 1980's with the line drawing ads that appeared - while some samples were assembled at Meade no LX4 was ever actually sold; this did not stop a prominent New York mail order house from advertising "in stock now" for some time. Meade probably made a good choice not to market the LX4 after evaluating their pre production models." Here is one ad that talks about taking "LX4" orders:

Meade LX4 Ad
Meade LX4 Ad

Meade LX5 (1987 - 1990)

This base still only has one DIN-style receptacle, but it now includes an amp gauge. The motor is now all DC powered (12V) and the hand controller has more functionality. The actual face plate is now angled upwards towards the observer instead of being flat like the LX/LX2/LX3. The LX5 was available with the 2080 or 2120 OTAs.

Meade LX5 Drive Base
Meade LX5 Drive Base

Meade LX5 Hand Controller
Meade LX5 Hand Controller

Meade LX6 & Premier (1989 - 1991)

Meade introduced it's f/6.3 optical system in 1989 as the LX6. It continued to sell the f/10 systems as the LX5. In 1990 it consolidated its product lines into the Premier line where you could specify f/6.3 or f/10 optics. The LX6 drive base is notable for having 3 DIN-style receptacles, plus the amp gauge as well as other switches and receptacles. The hand controller now has a digital readout that works when the encoders are installed. Again, the LX6 came with either the 2080 or the 2120.

Meade LX6 Drive Base
Meade LX6 Drive Base

Meade LX6 Hand Controller
Meade LX6 Hand Controller

Meade LX200 (1992 - Present)

Introduced in 1992, the LX200 was an evolution of the LX6/Premier line. The big change? GoTo was now part of the package (where as an LX6/Premier with digital setting circles and the "CAT" system could be considered a SlewTo system). LX200's are easy to spot because they say "LX200" right on the control panel!

Meade LX200 Drive Base
Meade LX200 Drive Base

Meade LX200 Hand Controller
Meade LX200 Hand Controller

Meade LX100 (1992 - ?)

When Meade brought out the GoTo LX200, it continued to provide non-GoTo fork-mounted SCTs in the form of the LX100. It was pretty much idential to the LX200 minus the brainy computer. But it did have programmable periodic error correction as well as a hand controller. Again - easy to spot as "LX100" is right on the drive base!

Meade LX100 Drive Base
Meade LX100 Drive Base

Meade LX100 Hand Controller
Meade LX100 Hand Controller

Meade LX50 (? - 2000)

Meade cancelled the LX100 quietly (anyone know what year? If so, let me know!) and filled the role of non-GoTo fork mounted SCT with the LX50. It was a stripped down version of the LX100 and didn't even include PPEC! But it is easy to spot, as it says "LX50" on the drive base.

Meade LX50 Drive Base and Controller
Meade LX50 Drive Base and Controller

Meade LX10 (1996 - 2004)

After the introduction of the LX200, Meade brought back the basic 2080 LX as its entry level SCT. In 1996 the LX was upgraded to the LX10, which now included a hand controller. Interestingly, the drive base of the LX10 bears a striking resemblance to the original LX drive base! Once again, they are easy to spot with "LX10" printed on the drive base.

Meade LX10 Drive Base
Meade LX10 Drive Base

Meade LX10 Hand Controller
Meade LX10 Hand Controller

Uncle Rod's SCT Guide
Company Sevens's History on Meade's Magazine Rack (Sky & Telescope)