NGC 2392 - the Lion Nebula

AKA: IRAS 07262+2100 ID , J2000 RA: 07h29m10.7s, Dec: +20°54m43s, Mag: 9.1, Distance: 920 pc, Size:0.7 arc min, Type: !PN.

In my telescope, this object appears as an oval patch surrounding the central star (HD 59088). The central star is a quite massive 08 star that could also be a variable star. The nebula got its original name (the Eskimo Nebula) from bearing a strong resemblance to a face in a parka hood (as viewed in photographs). It has been recommended that going forward it only be referred to by its NGC designation or by Lion Nebula as it also bears a resemblance to a male lion's mane surrounding its face.