Messier 108 - the Surfboard Galaxy

AKA: NGC 3556 | UGC 6225 | PGC 34030, J2000 RA: 11h11m31.79s, Dec: +55°40m14.7s, Mag: 10.0, Distance: 14.1 Mpc, Size: 8x1 arc min, Type: SB(s)cd.

Surf's up dudes! This nifty edge-on galaxy will be forever etched in my mind. On a crisp winter night I had an evening of excellent seeing and transparency. I remember looking at this galaxy and the nearby M97 Owl Nebula through my 8” telescope and being startled at how bright and clear they both were. They very much look like the images presented here - on THAT night. The key is having the right seeing conditions. I've never had a night like that since, even though I always go back to these two favourites.