Messier 33 - the Pinwheel Galaxy

AKA: NGC 598 | UGCA 1117 | PGC 5818, J2000 RA: 01h33m50.89s, Dec: +30°39m36.7s, Mag: 5.7, Distance: 920 kpc, Size: 73x45 arc min, Type: SA(s)cd.

Although M33 is part of our local group of galaxies, and thus quite close and large in apparent size, it is frustratingly hard to see through a telescope (despite its listed magnitude of 5.7!). The key is very low power, wide field and excellent dark skies. Then the spiral nature of this galaxy will become apparent. Of interest is NGC 604 which is a massive star forming region in M33 and easily visible to us (bright spot in upper-left).