Messier 104 - the Sombrero Galaxy

AKA: NGC 4594 | UGCA 293 | PGC 42407, J2000 RA: 12h39m59.4301s, Dec: -11°37m22.984s, Mag: 8.0, Distance: 8.6 Mpc, Size: 9x4 arc min, Type: SA(s)a.

This galaxy is called "The Sombrero Galaxy" because of it's hat-like appearance in the eyepiece. It is similar in apparent size to M82 yet it is 30 million light years away - much further than M82's 12 million. This means M104 is likely a very big galaxy indeed! With it's dark dusty outer ring and bright central bulge, this galaxy reminds me of something out of Star Wars!