Messier 81 - Bode's Galaxy

AKA: NGC 3031 | UGC 5318 | PGC 28630, J2000 RA: 09h55m33.1730s, Dec: +69°03m55.061s, Mag: 6.9, Distance: 3.7 Mpc, Size: 21x10 arc min, Type: SA(s)ab.

This galaxy combined with M82 form a group of galaxies. In the distant past, M81 interacted with M82 leaving the latter deformed (see M82 entry). Through my telescope in a low power eyepiece, I can get both of these galaxies in the same field of view. This is very similar to the Leo Triplet in scale except the galaxies in question are much larger here (in apparent size). Nearby NGC 3077 is also part of this group.